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    Some are free, some commercial; some downloadable, some run as hosted servicesSpell Checker for ColdFusion & JSP Servers, commercial, from Foundeo Spellchecker.net, commercial I welcome additions/corrections/feedback Many have written on this useful, simple approach, including Jeremy Petersen (in the ColdFusion Cookbook) and Jehiah CzebotarJust let me knowSee also related subcategories in the introduction to the broader category above XML [link]: The final approach is to use XML, which offers the simplicity of the HTML table approach above, but with greater control


    AptDiff, free, for Windows Araxis Merge, commercial, for Windows and OS X Beyond Compare commercial, multiplatform (nice: trial is not in terms of days *since install* but days *of use*) Code Compare, free and commercial, for Windows CompareIt, commercial, for Windows DeltaWalker, commercial, for OS X Diffmerge, free, multiplatform ExamDiff, free, for Windows PathSync, free, for Windows TreeComp, free, for Windows UltraCompare, commercial, for Windows WinDiff, free, for Windows WinMerge, free, for Windows Note as well that CF Builder and Eclipse has built-in Diff features, including showing diff's with previous versions (as do also all version control packages) I welcome additions/corrections/feedback Database Comparison Tools [link] Following are tools that can compare database data and schemaThere are a few more I found which I've just never heard ofWhile it's titled formally "Getting Started with ColdFusion 2016", it's not really about what's new in 206 but is essentially the Fast Track to ColdFusion classSee more on those source code tools in the the category aboveSee also related subcategories in the introduction to the broader category above WebQueries [link]: a reverse approach is to obtain data from for an Excel spreadsheet from within Excel, and using the Excel Web Query feature to point back to the server to get dataThere are literally hundreds of blogs from CFML/CF developersDon't focus solely on the CFML Reference


    CacheRight, commercial, for IIS 6 and 7 (Note that their site offers a really nice tool to test your current site/page for client-side content caching effectiveness, with recommendations on how their tool would improve thingsThere is a RiaForge project for working with GA, Googleitics, by Pete Alexandrou, which is "a CFC you can use to retrieve Google Analytics metrics for all your website profiles" Mint, commercial service Quantcast, free service SiteMeter, free and commercial service Woopra, free service The following seem defunct: Clicktracks (clicktracks.com), WebTuna (dbtuna.com/webtuna.html), StuffedTracker (stuffedtracker.com) See also Web Server Request Monitoring Tools and Web Site Uptime Monitoring Tools I welcome additions/corrections/feedback Web Server Request Monitoring Tools [link] Not to be confused with Web Site Uptime Monitoring Tools, the following tools track requests being made to your server and/or other information about the health of your web serverCF-oriented Troubleshooting Consultants CF-oriented Application Development Consultants CF-oriented Mentors CF-oriented Trainers There is yet another CFC that helps use POI in CFML, cfHSSF, as well as a few custom tags: the free CFXExcelQuery in the JavaCFX library at OpenXCF project, and the following commercial tags: CFXQuery2Excel and CFXExcel in the Adobe Developer's Exchange; and CFXQuery2Excel and CFXExcel2Query from Ryan EmerleSee the CF docs on CFHTTP, specifically the subsection "Building a query from a delimited text file", as well as blog entries such as those by Ben Nadel 1 2, and Alex LeRecent releases of CF have introduced more and more features to assist with protection at the coding and other levels"Compare your website performance to other companies you choose" See other categories, like Page Performance Testing Tools, Web Site Uptime Monitoring ToolsWeb Site Archive Repositories [link]There are multiple categories of monitoring tools offered here, from generic log analysis tools (for any sort of log) to analysis of specific files (such as SQL Server logs) or for a specific purpose (intrusion detection or web site analytics) 089de53caf

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